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Heat Shrinkable Telecom Closure-XAGA 550 Joint Closure System For Unpressurised Copper Telephone Net


1.High performance heat shrinkable closure for unpressurized applications

2.Widely used in overhead erection of pipeline,the splice closure of buried cable;able to work under an environment of -30 to +90C for a long term.

3.The heat shrinkable sleeve has a Aluminium layer and get a super moisture-resistant performance

4.It is of super composite fiber structure and secondary sealing, featured by high mechanical strength, strong tearresistant, and strong shrinkage and excellent resistance to weathering.

5.Super Sleeve sealing gel material is composed of several layers of specially blended polymers, adhesives and fiber-reinforcing layer. The fiber-reinforcing layer provides excellent mechanical strength and eliminates the propagation of localized damage that can result from overheating or other errors in installation. Once the closure sleeve has been installed, the composite design of the Super Sleeve sealing gel material provides superior mechanical protection from forces such as impact, abrasion, UV light, and atmospheric contamination.

6.The closure bears an excellent sealing performance under both high and low temperature as well as normal temperature; The softening point can be up to 130 degrees centigrade, suitable for the area of high ambient temperature.

7.Range of closures to suit all cable sizes

8.Simple and easy to install

9.Unlimited shelf life

More information about the heat shrinkable sleeve: It is composed of 5 layers

1st layer:polyethylene film

2nd layer:High Density Web(heat shrinkable thread+glass fiber )

3rd layer:polyethylene film

4th layer:Aluminium film(only for RSBJ/super moisture-resistant performance)

5th layer:Hot-melt Adhesive

List of Assembly Parts

Heat shrinkable sleeve

Metal canister (Aluminium)

Flexible stainless steel channels (stainless steel)

Branch off clip (duralumin+Hot-melt Adhesive)

Nylon binding strip (Nylon)

Abrasive strip (cloth covered with powdered emery)

PVC adhesive tape (PVC)

Cleaning clother (absolute ethyl alcohol+non-woven fabrics)

Shield continuity wire(power line+copper clip)

Aluminium cable tape (Aluminium)

Aluminium closing strip(Aluminium)


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