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Product Details

Buried fiber optic cable handover box

In the full-service competition pattern, especially the development of broadband services, the requirements for transmission resources are increasingly high, and the layout of the transmission network requires the establishment of a large number of cable cross-over boxes to meet a variety of access needs. But the traditional above-ground fiber optic cable transfer box is generally standing in the green belt on both sides of the road, there are many defects. Not beautiful, difficult to coordinate with the surrounding environment; difficult to select the site, difficult to build; coexistence, affecting the cityscape; exposed to the outdoors, the wind, sun and rain; easy to be destroyed, the device is easy to aging;

The use of direct burial by way of buried underground cable transfer box directly buried in the soil, relying on the soil to heat insulation or heat dissipation, buried light transfer box and the direct contact surface of the soil without ventilation window installation and use, underground cable transfer box does not need to consider personnel to enter the operation.

Buried optical handover box is configured with the internal configuration of the end, splicing, wiring, optical splitting, pigtail parking, redundant fiber storage, cable fixed open stripping protection, cable management and other functional modules, the internal functional components of reasonable planning and zoning management, in the buried way to scientifically achieve all the functions of the optical cable handover equipment should have.

External Environment:
Above-ground ambient temperature:40℃~+55℃.
Internal temperature
The internal working temperature of the buried light interchange box should be:10℃~30℃.
Internal humidity
Relative humidity range inside the buried square cabin:≤90%(30℃2℃).

Product Benefits

No need to occupy ground and three-dimensional space, eliminating the need to declare land resources, and the project construction is highly controllable.

It is easy to obtain the consent of municipalities and residential property owners for installation and construction.

Avoid traffic collisions, unintentional damage by pedestrians or deliberate break-ins.

The whole body is below the ground, completely free from "psoriasis".

It is easy to coordinate with the existing facilities and environment, and does not affect either traffic safety or the city appearance after installation.

Installation and maintenance are carried out on the ground, eliminating the difficulties and dangers of working at height.

Eliminate the safety risks caused by overhead boxes in bad weather or wall-mounted boxes due to the aging of the load-bearing building.

The insulation characteristics of the underground environment are conducive to ensuring the stability of communication quality and improving the service life of equipment.

The box is made of high quality 304 stainless steel plate material, protection grade up to IP68.

Full frontal operation, pull-out structure, fusion and wiring integration module operation, easy maintenance.

Suitable for ribbon and bundle fiber optic cables.

With reliable optical cable introduction and fixed, protective and grounding devices.

Reasonable fiber coiling structure, to ensure that the fiber winding radius of any position is greater than 30mm.

Adopt 12-core fusion and distribution integration module, each connection module can be withdrawn individually, easy to operate;

Card mounting FC, SC and other adapters, adapters and the front of the chassis at an oblique angle, not only to ensure the radius of curvature of the jumper, but also to avoid arc light burns eyes;

Buried fiber optic cable transfer box in and out of the cable should be used for special cable channels.

The cable channel should be able to resist the buried environment of pressure, corrosion and other requirements, to provide good protection for the internal feeder. The cable channel interface should be well sealed, and no water leakage should occur. The cable channel should adopt a flexible and adjustable connection.

The structure of the buried fiber optic cable handover box should have good structural strength, and all interfaces and welds, etc., should be well welded. After the completion of the cabin welding in the unpainted before, should be water pressure resistance test to verify the overall structure under water pressure leak-proof performance.

Product Type

Various core capacities are available according to customer needs, and structural designs can also be made according to actual needs to meet differential use requirements.

Product Use

Buried fiber optic cable transfer box is used for outdoor trunk cable and wiring fiber optic cable connection interface equipment, to achieve the fiber optic splicing, wiring has a direct connection and cross-connection function.

buried fiber optic cable transfer box for ground location declaration difficulties, project construction is not controllable; need to be buried in the harsh environment of the underground.

Product Application Tools

Fiber optic fusion splicer, impact drill, lifting equipment, cement river sand, power meter, anhydrous ethanol, OTDR tester, dissecting pliers, fiber optic cutting knife, diagonal pliers, horizontal ruler, impact drill, screwdriver, bellows, black tape, optical power meter, pen red light source, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

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