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Product Details

ODF rack

Fiber optic wiring series products are suitable for central office, optical cross node, user fiber optic access network project in each optical access point, to complete the introduction of optical cable, fixed, open stripping protection, fiber fusion and protection, pigtail storage and management, optical fiber fixed connection and cross-connected functions, according to the function can be divided into line side fiber optic distribution frame, equipment side fiber optic distribution frame and fiber optic total distribution frame.

Equipment-side fiber optic distribution frame, also known as intermediate distribution frame, is a fiber optic distribution frame that completes the connection, scheduling and debugging of different optical communication equipment in the communication room, and can also complete the storage of the excess length of patch cords at the line and equipment ends.

Line side fiber optic distribution frame is the wiring connection equipment between fiber optic cable and optical communication equipment or between optical communication equipment. It is used for terminating and distributing fiber optic cables at the local end of the fiber optic communication system, which can easily realize the connection, distribution and scheduling of fiber optic lines, and is used in transmission network rooms, convergence rooms and access rooms.

Product Benefits

Equipment side fiber optic distribution frame

(1) The frame is made of metal sheet welded as a whole, with integral molding and high mechanical strength.

(2) Left and right jumping fiber series intermediate distribution frame, easy to operate, clear interface.

(3) Front and rear patch panel series intermediate distribution frame, unit box structure, pigtail storage in the internal, overall beautiful.

(4) Unit box panel opening angle greater than 100 degrees, easy to operate.

(5) Snap-in adapter mounting for SC, FC, LC and other adapters.

Line Side Fiber Distribution Frame

(1) Fully enclosed structure, single-sided operation.

(2) The frame is made of high quality cold-rolled steel plate, the whole welded structure, high strength, good rigidity; surface coating using electrostatic spraying process, corrosion resistance, beautiful appearance.

(3) Modular structure, can be flexibly configured according to different requirements and achieve parallel rack installation.

(4) Adopt 12-core fusion wiring integration module, each connection module can be withdrawn separately, easy to operate.

Product Type

Product usage

Equipment-side fiber optic distribution frame:

connection, scheduling, commissioning, storage.

(1) Equipment side fiber optic distribution frame is to complete the connection, scheduling, commissioning and other functions of different optical communication equipment in the communication room

(2) It is a kind of fiber optic patch panel that can complete the storage function of the excess length of patch cords at the line side and equipment side at the same time.

Line side fiber optic distribution frame:

outside fiber optic cable fusion splicing, termination, connection, scheduling and storage.

(1) The line side distribution frame is used for terminating and distributing the backbone fiber optic cable at the local end of the fiber optic communication system.

(2) The line-side distribution frame allows for easy connection, distribution, scheduling and storage of fiber optic lines.

Product application tools

Fiber melting machine, optical fiber cutting knife, OTDR tester, pen red light source, stripping pliers, power meter, anhydrous ethanol,, fiber cutting knife, oblique pliers, level, impact drill, screwdriver, optical power meter.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the basis for choosing the size of the product?

In choosing the size of the product in general several considerations;

(1) is based on the installation location of the room around the specifications of other cabinets, choose the same or similar specifications so as to ensure visual unity;

(2) according to the size of the installation location to determine the rack specifications; 3. according to the number of cores needed to choose. The above points need to be considered at the same time.

How to choose the product adapter type-FC or SC?

The choice is based on the type of adapter used with the other equipment used in the server room.

How can I tell whether I need to choose a line-side distribution frame or a device-side distribution frame?

The line side distribution frame is equipped with optical cable stripping fixed unit and 12-core fusion with integrated fusion fiber tray, which can realize the stripping of optical cable fixed and fiber fusion into the end; the equipment side distribution frame is not equipped with these two, the rack inside the configuration of the adapter, can not be stripped fixed and fiber fusion of optical cable.

How can I tell if a rack is using ribbon or bundled fiber?

According to the fiber optic cable used to choose, ribbon fiber optic cable then choose ribbon pigtail, bundle fiber optic cable choose bundle pigtail.

How do I choose the color of the rack?

The color of the rack is uniform and beautiful according to the color of other equipment inside the server room.

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