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Product Details

Face recognition temperature measurement all-in-one machine MJ30-2T07

Face recognition all-in-one machine

Key selling points

(1) Live detection: effective protection against attacks such as photos, videos and models

(2) Mask detection: 85% accuracy of mask recognition, meeting the requirements of conventional mask detection, supporting mask wearing tips, and at the same time can be associated with access control;

±0.3℃; best detection distance 0.4m; support abnormal body temperature alarm (threshold value can be set)

(3) IC card verification: support recognition of IC cards, NFC cards, etc

(4) Health code verification: red/yellow code alarm, green code access

(5) Voice announcement: support health code verification result, nucleic acid test result and time announcement, body temperature verification result announcement, and mask wearing prompt announcement

Each main parameter index

Product key parameters

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