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Power Distribution Unit Product Introduction

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Communication AC/DC distribution unit is an important equipment for centralizing, switching and distributing electric energy, which is widely used in communication base station rooms, indoor integrated cabinets, outdoor cabinets and other communication distribution products. The distribution unit is generally composed of panel body, switch (circuit breaker), protection device, monitoring device, electric energy meter and so on. According to the current, it can be divided into AC distribution unit, DC distribution unit and AC/DC distribution unit; according to the voltage, it can be divided into high-voltage distribution unit and low-voltage distribution unit.

Product Benefits

(1) Multiple input and output selectable, AC and DC selectable

(2) Flexible configuration with different open configurations, quantities and current sizes

(3) AC distribution unit with built-in B or C level lightning protection to provide lightning protection

(4) Power distribution units are equipped with complete zeroing copper rows and grounding copper rows

(5) Save installation space (minimum 3U height)

(6) Easy, safe, reliable and beautiful internal wiring

(7) Wide range of applications, suitable for outdoor cabinets, integrated cabinets, general machine rooms, power distribution boxes (cabinets)

Product Type

AC power distribution unit front                     DC power distribution unit

Internal structure Back side zero grounding convergence

Integrated AC/DC power distribution unit

Product use

(1) AC power distribution unit is installed in the outdoor integrated power cabinet or indoor integrated cabinet, its main role is to introduce dual power supply for utility and oil machine, and to achieve manual switching, to provide stable power distribution for switching power supply, cabinet air conditioning and other AC equipment, and has lightning protection and protection functions.

(2) The DC distribution unit is installed in the outdoor integrated cabinet or equipment cabinet, and its main function is to introduce DC power from the switching power supply and provide stable power distribution for the DC equipment in this cabinet.

(3) Input power metering and surge protection

(4) Provide maintenance socket installation location

Product application tools

Our products are used in indoor integrated cabinets and outdoor cabinets for centralized power management and control of equipment, which require screwdrivers, wire cutters, wire strippers, crimping pliers, hot air guns and other tools during installation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the width of our distribution unit?

Our power distribution units are standard 19" width, or 21" width can be customized according to customer requirements.

What is the height of our distribution units?

Our power distribution units are available in 3U, 4U and 5U heights, so choose different installation heights according to different usage scenarios.

What is the voltage level of our distribution units?

Our power distribution units are divided into AC220V, DC DC-48V conventional products, but also according to customer requirements to produce DC DC220V and AC AC380V high voltage level of power distribution units.

What is the current of our distribution unit?

Our distribution unit current is generally 63A AC maximum and 125A DC maximum.

How many circuits can our distribution units do?

Our power distribution units can be up to single input 21 output or dual input 20 output.

Products and Applications

Outdoor access cabinets

Outdoor single cabinets Indoor integrated cabinet

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