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Product Details


The product is suitable for outdoor fiber optic cable overhead, pipeline and other straight-through splicing and divergence and other trunk fiber optic cable and common fiber optic cable network splicing. The use of double-ended horizontal design structure, the product has a high strength mechanical performance, high sealing performance, corrosion resistance, excellent weather resistance, etc., multi-cable port management, can be mechanically repeated to open; reasonable structure layout, construction operation is simple and fast.

Application Scenario

Outdoor overhead, pipeline, direct buried and other common fiber optic cable splice splicing, can be used for metropolitan area network backbone, urban or urban and rural common fiber optic network splicing protection.

Structure picture

Performance characteristics

1、The shell is made of high-quality engineering plastic injection molding process, with anti-UV and anti-aging additives, high mechanical strength;

2、The box adopts double-ended optical cable in and out design structure, convenient overhead hanging rod and other openable structure;

3、the box body box cover using non-vulcanized rubber sealing structure, good airtightness;

4、Box with electrical disconnection or connection function, optional air nozzle;

5、high-capacity splicing, to meet the trunk or special fiber optic cable splicing protection;

6、Anti-termites, acid and alkali resistant oil, resistance to extreme cold and high temperature environments need to be specified separately in the order.

Technical parameters or parameters table

1、Adapted to the ambient temperature: -40℃~+65℃.

2、Atmospheric pressure: 70~106Kpa.

3、Axial tension: 〉1000N/1min or more.

4、flattening: the box is filled with 40 ± 5kpa air pressure, should be able to withstand 2000N/100mm lateral uniform pressure, the force time is not less than 1min, after the test joint box does not leak, no deformation, no damage.

5、impact: fiber optic splice box should be able to withstand a drop height of 1m, the mass of the steel ball 1.6Kg, the number of impacts for 3 times the impact.

6、bending: fiber optic splice box and fiber optic cable joints should be able to withstand bending tension load of 150N, bending angle ± 45 ° of 10 cycles of bending.

7、torsion: fiber optic splice box should be able to withstand a torque of not less than 50N-m, torsion angle ± 90 °, a total of 10 cycles of twisting.

8、Drop: The fiber optic cable connector box should be able to withstand 3 drops at a height of 2.2m, and after the test, the connector box should not leak, no deformation, no damage.

9、 tensile strength: 〉2000N/10cm2 pressure, time 1min.

10、 vibration: splice box to withstand vibration frequency of 10Hz, amplitude of ± 3mm, the number of vibration for 106 vibration, the fiber additional loss change value does not exceed 0.2dB.

11、Temperature cycle: -40℃~+65℃, internal air pressure 40(+5)Kpa, 10 times cycle, air pressure drop not more than 5kpa after room temperature.

12、fiber radius of curvature > 30mm, fiber fusion tray additional attenuation ≤ 0.01dB.

Commonly used tools for construction

cross cutter, hexagonal wrench, tape measure.

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