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Product Details

Mobile Smart Toilet

The mobile wisdom toilet is a wisdom public toilet applied to the people's livelihood in the new era, which is empowered by technologies such as Internet of Things, big data and artificial intelligence, and has functions such as clean energy, sanitary ware, health disinfection, odor monitoring, wisdom management, space transformation, harmless treatment of manure and sewage, new space, new scene and new economic cultivation, etc. It is equipped with shared convenience facilities such as self-service vending machines and shared charging batteries, and can be developed according to field conditions Functional incremental development of products is carried out, and transportation is convenient and quick, minimizing the waste of public resources and maximizing the service to people's livelihood.

Product Benefits

(1) The main frame structure is made of high-strength galvanized steel pipe, which has the advantages of impact resistance, fatigue resistance, earthquake resistance and corrosion resistance.

(2) The outer skin is made of high quality galvanized steel.

(3) The wall adopts polyurethane integrated foaming process, which has the advantages of heat insulation, high strength of layout, light and fast assembly, etc.

(4) The internal structure is made of high quality 304 brushed stainless steel plate, and the door of the toilet room is made of high quality 304 titanium-plated steel plate.

(5) Surface treatment using electrostatic spraying process, dustproof, corrosion resistance and aging performance is superior, high safety performance.

(6) It can cope with different environmental influences in each region and is highly resistant to stress.

(7) Modular design, overall lifting, easy and fast to move, convenient transportation.

(8) The configuration can be rationalized according to the livelihood needs of each region.

(9) It breaks through the traditional construction and building methods, does not depend on underground sewage network and electricity supply, does not require land permits, does not require ground breaking, and is installed in place.

(10) Adopting professional technology of environmental protection and energy saving and humanized design, we can solve the problems of difficult construction of toilets, high cost of consumables and difficult disposal of dirt, and improve the quality of toilet construction and ensure environmental protection standards.

(11) The use of new technologies such as Internet of Things, Internet, big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and other intelligent and efficient management, the realization of multi-toilet linkage, increasing the convenience of the public while greatly reducing the management difficulty. Solve the "difficult to find", "difficult to use", "difficult to manage", "difficult to sanitation" "difficult to complain", "difficult to divert" and other problems.

(12) The mobile concept is designed to enable high quality and low cost rapid deployment.

(13) The appearance is beautiful, generous and simple, forming a perfect fit with the surrounding environment.

(14) Highly malleable and can be customized to meet customer needs

(15) Harmless treatment of excrement, energy saving and efficiency, environmental protection.

(16) Relieve the pressure on public resources in the city and increase the happiness of citizens.

Product Type

They can be divided into modular and integrated types according to the needs of each area.

Product use

(1) Urban intelligence building.

(2) Scenic sightseeing tours.

(3) Regional cultural tourism construction.

(4) Brand co-promotion.

Product application tools

Crane, level, shim, foundation, electric drill, movable wrench.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are your products customizable?

We have a professional design team, and mature production process, stable supply team, appearance can also be designed according to customer requirements, can meet all the needs of customers.

Can your products be used in areas with complex climates?

Yes, the walls of our products have insulation design, the pipes also have insulation measures, and the interior and configuration of air conditioning can cope with the four seasons temperature changes.

Will the production cycle be long for such a large product?

No, our products have formed a mature production process and have various stable related supporting suppliers.

How is the excrement handled?

We use the biodegradable manure treatment technology mainly using the principle of microbial metabolism, through the degradation of bacterial strains to decompose excrement into low-molecular substances used by microorganisms, thus transforming into carbon dioxide, water, etc., separated in the form of gas, with the advantages of high technical and theoretical advancement, water saving, energy saving, land saving, etc., and will not cause any impact on the environment.

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