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Product Details

RSBA 1000 Series Pressurized telephone cable joints splice closure

High-performance, strong fiber splicing equipment specifically designed for municipal cable networks.
Suitable for overhead, pipeline and direct burial.
Reinforced material with high strength mechanical properties.
Suitable for splicing polyethylene and metal sheathed cables.
Equipped with a divergence system for easy cable divergence splicing.
Up to 4 cables are connected simultaneously.

Application Scenarios

Sleeving for communication cable joint protection, can be used in overhead, pipeline, direct burial and other scenarios.

Performance Features

1. Adopt composite super strong fiber structure, secondary sealing, so that the mechanical strength, tear resistance, heat shrinkage ratio, excellent weather resistance.

2. The seal is formulated with high quality imported hot melt adhesive, which has superb bonding ability.

3. Heat shrinkable tubing has excellent high and low temperature and normal temperature sealing performance.

4. The softening point of the rubber can reach 85℃ high temperature, which can adapt to areas with high ambient temperature.

5. The white line on the inside of the rail and the thermal paint on the outside surface of the product can guide the correct construction to make it just right.

6. With charging valve, can be installed air-pressure meter or internal inflation test.

7. Adapt to each with different specifications of cable.

Parameters table

Commonly used tools for construction

Artwork knife, tape measure, flame gun, etc.

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