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No-jump fiber optic cable transfer box

Sheet Metal

Fiber optic cable transfer box is an outdoor connection between the backbone and wiring fiber optic cable interface equipment. With the introduction of fixed fiber optic cable, grounding protection, fiber fusion, wiring, storage, route management and other functions, can easily provide link connection, distribution and transmission functions. It is used for the deployment of various application scenarios, and is generally installed in the environment of roadside, community green area, industrial park, building side, electric pole, etc. Widely used in the construction and transformation of telecom operators' basic networks, FTTx, metropolitan area network transmission, etc.

No-jumper fiber optic cable transfer box is suitable for FTTH network in the optical distribution point. It can complete the introduction, fixing and stripping protection of optical cable, fusion splicing and protection of optical fiber, storage, parking and routing management of optical splitter pigtails, etc.; it provides direct fusion function of optical fiber and patchless wiring function. It can install box type optical splitter, insert type and other value-added module units according to customers' requirements. Widely used in ODN fiber optic communication network.

Product advantages

The box is made of SMC polymer material or high quality sheet metal material, with excellent heat insulation performance and IP65 protection level.

Full frontal operation, pull-out structure, fusion and wiring integration module operation, easy maintenance.

The mooring position is designed to protect the free pigtail end face of the optical split.

Provide direct fusion unit for direct fusion operation of fiber optic cable.

Suitable for ribbon and bundle fiber optic cable.

With reliable optical cable introduction and fixed, protection, grounding device.

With a variety of fusion, wiring markings, convenient fusion and wiring records.

Reasonable fiber coiling structure, to ensure that the fiber winding radius of any position is greater than 30mm.

Optionally, optical splitters can be installed to form a complete fiber optic cable splitting and management system.

Allocation and scheduling of fiber is done on the front side;

Adopt 12-core fusion and distribution integration module, each connection module can be withdrawn individually, easy to operate;

Card mounting FC, SC and other adapters, adapters and the front of the chassis at an oblique angle, not only to ensure the radius of curvature of the jumper, but also to avoid the arc light burns the eyes;

External pigtail type, centralized fiber storage type;

Plug-in optical splitter method, which can be applied to the primary splitting point of secondary splitting or primary splitting (centralized splitting);

Addressing the management and expansion of optical splitters;

Applying the concept of skip-free fiber optic cable transfer box to reduce distribution adapters and patching fibers, reduce communication failure points and insertion losses, and enhance network security;

Wiring area pigtail fixed length and equipped with an orderly pigtail management center with clear interface;

All modular design, on-demand configuration, application flexibility and cost reduction.

According to the installation method, there are wall-mounted, overhead and floor-mounted.

Comply with YD/T 988 industry standard.

Product Type

Product usage

Widely used in PON technology FTTH fiber access network, is one of the ideal equipment in FTTH construction, can realize the fiber splicing, storage, termination, placement of optical splitter and the deployment of in-home fiber optic cable and other functions.

Product application tools

Fiber melting machine, power meter, anhydrous ethanol, OTDR tester, wire cutter, diagonal pliers, horizontal ruler, impact drill, screwdriver, bellows, black tape, fireproof mud, optical power meter, pen red light source, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to confirm the number of cores in the fiber optic cable transfer box?

Confirmation according to the design unit drawings.

What is the waterproof and dustproof level of the optical cable transfer box?


Which national standard does the fiber optic cable handover box meet?

In line with YD/T 988 industry standard.

Is the fiber optic cable transfer box customizable according to demand?


Optical cable transfer box SMC box and stainless steel box selection?

The material can be used for more than 10 years, the function is the same, the SMC box price is lower than the price of stainless steel box.


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