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Participating in the World Mobile Communications Congress to showcase leading technologies and innovative products.

Booth Number: 6D21

Booth Area: 12 square meters

The 2024 World Mobile Communications Congress opens in Barcelona, showcasing China's communication strength and contributing Chinese wisdom.

On February 26, local time, the 2024 World Mobile Communications Congress (MWC 2024) kicked off in Barcelona, Spain. As one of the largest technology exhibitions in the global mobile communications field, MWC 2024 focuses on six main themes: "Beyond 5G, Internet of Things, AI Humanization, Digital Intelligence Manufacturing, Rule Disruption, and Digital Genes."

According to GSMA data, this edition of the MWC is the largest offline technology event in recent years, with over 100,000 registered attendees at the opening. As a major event in the field of mobile communications, the spotlight of MWC 2024 remains on mobile communications and 5G-related content, including commercialization and monetization of 5G, 5G-Advanced, 5G FWA, cloud computing and edge computing, wireless private networks, eSIM, non-terrestrial networks, and satellite communications.

As a leading company in the telecommunications industry, we have been committed to developing cutting-edge technologies and innovative products. Our participation in this exhibition is to showcase our latest achievements to global customers.

The World Mobile Communications Congress is one of the most influential events in the global communications industry, attracting professionals and clients from around the world every year. As exhibitors, we are fortunate to be able to demonstrate our strength and product advantages on this stage. During the exhibition, we showcased our leading technologies, complete solutions, and innovative products.

Our booth was exquisitely designed and attracted the attention of many visitors. We made full use of modern display tools and arrangements to vividly showcase our technological strength and product features.

Our exhibits also attracted the interest of many visitors. We showcased a series of innovative products:

  • Fiber optic splice closure

  • Heat shrinkable splice closure (XAGA series)

  • Fiber optic terminal/spliter box

  • Fiber optic splice cabinet

  • Fiber optic splitter cabinet

  • ONU broadband data integration cabinet

  • Fiber optic distribution box

  • ODF/MODF>FTTx Series Products

  • System of Antenna Wire and Feed line

  • Heat shrinkable sleeves for gas & oil anti-corrosion pipelines

  • Mould Research Centre

Visitors showed strong interest in our products and engaged in in-depth discussions and negotiations with us. This strengthened our cooperation with customers and enhanced our brand visibility and market influence.

Participating in the World Mobile Communications Congress is not only an opportunity to showcase our factory's strength and product advantages but also an important way to understand market demands and industry trends. Through exchanges and observations with other exhibitors, we can stay updated on market dynamics and make adjustments and optimizations according to market demands. This exchange and cooperation with customers and industry colleagues provide us with valuable opportunities to continuously drive our technological innovation and product upgrades.

During the World Mobile Communications Congress, our factory received recognition and approval from customers worldwide. Our leading technologies and innovative products received praise from a wide range of visitors, and we reached cooperation intentions with some potential customers. This exhibition has opened up broader market space for us and laid a solid foundation for the development of our factory.

In conclusion, participating in the World Mobile Communications Congress is an important promotional and publicity tool and a significant way to showcase our factory's strength and product advantages. Through the exhibition, we can engage in in-depth communication with customers, understand market demands, and showcase our leading technologies and innovative products. We will continue to increase research and development investment to continuously improve product quality and technological innovation capabilities to meet customer needs and expectations.

Thank you for your attention and support. If you have any questions or requirements regarding our products, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to cooperating with you and jointly creating a bright future for the telecommunications industry. Thank you!


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