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Product Details

Face recognition temperature measurement all-in-one machine MJ30-2T08

Face recognition all-in-one machine

Key selling points

(1) 8-inch, LCD, screen ratio 10:16, screen resolution 800*1280

(2) Using 2 million binocular cameras, facial recognition distance of 0.3-2 meters, supporting binocular live detection technology, effectively preventing attacks such as photos, videos and models

(3) Mask detection: 85% accuracy of mask recognition, meeting the requirements of conventional mask detection, supporting mask wearing tips, and at the same time can be associated with access control;

(4) Support QR code sweep recognition, widely used in temporary QR code door opening for visitors, health code registration screening, etc

(5) Multiple recognition modes: face recognition, IC card recognition, QR code recognition and other modes are available

(6) Voice broadcast: support face recognition verification result broadcast, mask wearing prompt broadcast, etc

Each main parameter index

Product key parameters

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