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Product Details

RSBJ 500 Series Non-pressuriezd telephone cable joints splice closure

Thermal casing

Heat shrinkable sleeve provides electrical insulation, mechanical protection, environmental sealing and strain relief. Our heat shrinkable sleeve is available in single wall and double wall tubing designed for a variety of applications including back-end connector sealing, branching, and connector-to-cable transitions. Our heat shrinkable sleeve can be used with confidence as an alternative to taping, molding or gluing. When heated, our heat shrinkable sleeve will conform to the bottom dimensions of the substrate.

Application Scenarios

Sleeving for communication cable joint protection, can be used in overhead, pipeline, direct burial and other scenarios.

Performance Features

1. Widely used in overhead, direct buried communication cable splicing, in -30 ℃ to +80 ℃ environment can work for a long time.

2. Color with aluminum composite super strong fiber structure, secondary sealing, so that high mechanical strength, tear resistance, heat shrinkage ratio, excellent weather resistance.

3. The inner sealing adopts high quality imported hot melt adhesive formula with superb bonding ability, and the heat shrinkable sleeve has excellent leak-proof, moisture-proof and pressure-bearing ability. Gum softening point can reach 85℃ high temperature, can adapt to areas with high ambient temperature.

4. The white line on the inside of the rail and the thermal paint on the outside surface of the product can guide the correct construction to make it just right.

5. Paper liner, easy and fast operation.

Parameters table

Commonly used tools for construction

Artwork knife, tape measure, flame gun, etc.

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