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Global 5G Subscribers Will Exceed 2 Billion By 2024 (By Jack)

According to the data from GSA (by Omdia), there were 5.27 billion LTE subscribers worldwide by the end of 2019. For the whole of 2019, the amount of new LTE members had globally exceeded 1 billion, a 24.4% annual growth rate. They constitute 57.7% of global mobile users.

By region, 67.1% of LTE adopters are Asia-Pacific, 11.7% European, 9.2% North American, 6.9% Latin American and Caribbean, 2.7% Middle Eastern, and 2.4% African.

The LTE figure may reach a peak level in 2022, making up 64.8% of the global mobile total. Yet from the beginning in 2023, it will start to decline with the 5G migration.

5G subscribers had reached an amount of at least 17.73 million by the end of 2019, composing 0.19% of the global mobile.

Omdia forecast that there will be 10.5 billion mobile subscribers worldwide by the end of 2024. At that time, LTE may account for 59.4%, 5G for 19.3%, W-CDMA for 13.4%, GSM for 7.5%, and the others for the remaining 0.4%.

The above-mentioned is a brief trend report on mobile technologies. 5G has already taken a place in the telecommunications industry. QIANHONG (QHTELE) is a leading manufacturer in this industry, supplying various fiber connection equipment for global customers, such as enclosuresdistribution boxesterminals, FIBER SPLICE LCOSURE, HEAT SHRINKABLE CABLE JOINT CLOSURE, ODF, etc.


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