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Product Details

Expanded capacity fiber optic cable transfer box

With the continuous development of business, the number of fiber optic cable access users also grew rapidly, fiber optic cable transfer box as an important unit of urban backbone ring network management, the expansion of the entire network plays a vital role, for the newly established fiber optic cable transfer box, municipal approval is quite difficult, the construction situation is also more complex. For this reason, combined with years of experience in communication lines, for the operator's network transformation and expansion design, to provide a series of optical cable transfer box in situ transformation and expansion program. On the basis of not interrupting user communications, the full capacity of the cable transfer box in situ in situ expansion, the 144-core cable transfer box seamless expansion to 288-core cable transfer box, the 288-core cable transfer box seamless expansion to 576-core cable transfer box (or 576-core expansion to 1152-core). Solve the problem of full capacity due to the cable transfer box and can not increase access to fiber, while facilitating the installation and maintenance of users. If you directly take the replacement of a larger cable transfer box is not only high cost, long cycle, and to re-connect the fiber optic cable, online users need to interrupt the user communication services, affecting the customer's daily communication needs, resulting in large user opinions, communication losses more. Fiber optic cable transfer box does not interrupt the emergence of communications expansion services, thereby completely solving this long-term problem plaguing the communications maintenance department.

Product advantages

Solve the problem of difficult new optical interchange and realize the function of expanding optical interchange; -

Cost savings by eliminating the need for resources such as new pipelines;

Increasing box capacity without interrupting original box operations;

The box material is all 304 stainless steel, effectively achieving anti-corrosion performance;

Outdoor type with high rainproof performance, rainproof and dustproof grade can reach IP65 or above;

Fully modular internal design, configurable on demand and flexible in application;

Optimized route management system, clearer marking

With a variety of fusion, wiring markings, convenient fusion and wiring records.

Reasonable fiber coiling structure, to ensure that the fiber winding radius of any position is greater than 30mm.

Adopt 12-core fusion and distribution integrated module, each connection module can be withdrawn individually, easy to operate; adopt fusion and distribution integrated pull-out module, so that the cross-connection box has large capacity and high density;

Card mounting FC, SC and other adapters, adapters and the front of the chassis at an oblique angle, not only to ensure the radius of curvature of the jumper, but also to avoid the arc light burns the eyes;

Box high-voltage protective grounding and chassis voltage resistance between ≥ 3000V (DC) / 1min, no breakdown, no flying arc;

High-voltage protective grounding and chassis insulation resistance: ≥2×104MΩ/500V(DC);

Flame retardant performance: up to GB4609/FV-0 level

Boxes with safe and reliable optical cable fixing and grounding protection devices.

Product Type

Double expansion of three:

the use of set modification technology, the new box using the front and rear side single door structure (three doors), the side compartments are relatively independent;

Side stand expansion:

the original cross-over box will be installed directly next to the new cross-over box, open square holes in the side of the cross-over box, connected and sealed with a connection tube (this connection tube to go jumping fiber with), the installation can begin wiring operations;

Side expansion, rear expansion:

the original handover box shell removed, retaining the previous installation bracket, and re-fixed inside the new box, adding new equipment in the additional space, full frontal operation.

Product usage

Fiber optic cable transfer box is used for outdoor backbone fiber optic cable and wiring fiber optic cable connection interface equipment, to achieve fiber optic splicing, wiring has a direct connection and cross-connection function.

Product application tools

Fiber melting machine, power meter, anhydrous ethanol, OTDR tester, wire cutter, fiber cutting knife, diagonal pliers, horizontal ruler, impact drill, screwdriver, bellows, black tape, optical power meter, pen red light source, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the waterproof and dustproof level of the optical cable transfer box?


Is the expansion cable transfer box can be customized according to demand?

The expansion of the optical cable transfer box is combined with the actual situation on site and customer demand for custom design.

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