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Product Details

Outdoor Cabinets - Equipment Cabinets

The equipment cabinet for base station is an outdoor equipment for communication base station to provide related hardware equipment installation, which can install communication integrated main equipment, communication transmission equipment, power supply equipment, ODF, dynamic loop monitoring, etc., and provide temperature control solutions, with safe and reliable, strong anti-theft performance, low noise, good heat dissipation, occupy little space, etc., which can help customers to achieve rapid site selection and rapid deployment, and greatly enhance the communication System platform upgrade support comprehensive service capacity.

Product Benefits

(1) Small and beautiful, compact housing (less than 0.8 m2/unit)

(2) Modular design, with high reliability, simple maintenance, flexible combination according to the different needs of customers

(3) Support multi-scene and multi-functional applications (rooftop stations, street stations, suburban stations, operator co-stations, etc

(4) Made of high quality hot-dip galvanized sheet with flame retardant material

(5) Good insulation effect (PU core not less than 45MM)

(6) Low cost of site selection

(7) Compatible with multi-vendor devices

(8) Support cabinet expansion

(9) Intelligent temperature control system

(10) Can replace traditional server rooms

Product Type

Product use

(1) Cabinet installation and fixing function: can install fixed IT equipment, servers and other equipment, the main fixing method is 19-inch rack installation, fixed on the U system column, the main frame of the cabinet and U system column design is convenient to install equipment, and the load-bearing capacity is relatively strong, so the cabinet can be installed in all standard equipment

(2) Cabinet line management function: the cabinet has a variety of internal line management slot, line management frame, line management board and alignment channel, etc., to provide a very convenient wiring management for a variety of equipment installed inside the cabinet

(3) Cabinet protection function: the cabinet is a relatively closed space, the cabinet door can be closed to the internal equipment to play a protective role to prevent damage from the outside, such as rats can be prevented from entering the cabinet inside the equipment or cable into the line damage

(4) The cabinet can integrate UPS power supply, power distribution, refrigeration, access control, cabinet, lighting, fire protection, dynamic monitoring, emergency ventilation and other systems, through the monitoring system to complete the integrated management of all subsystems

(5) Provide reliable temperature control and regulation system for the full and stable operation of communication transmission equipment

(6) Provide reliable grounding protection system for communication transmission equipment and cabinets

Product application tools

Base station equipment cabinet can be fully applied to business outlets (telecommunications, finance, energy, radio and television, retail) small businesses, large enterprises, government, education, medical branches and networks between the edge of the data center, the use of tools need to be applied to: fusion machine, fiber optic cutting knife, fiber optic tester, pen red light source, optical power meter, dissecting pliers, diagonal pliers, screwdriver, the need to prepare the construction materials are: Anhydrous ethanol, adhesive tape, flexible plastic tape, fireproof mud, corrugated pipe, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you support non-standard product customization in addition to the above equipment sizes?

Support, customers can put forward specific requirements according to their needs, the company supports non-standard customized products, the internal size of the product can be customized, 19/21 inches can be customized.

What is the difference between a base station equipment cabinet and a traditional cabinet?

The base station equipment cabinet will be a deep integration of data center infrastructure equipment products, including UPS, power distribution, refrigeration, cabinets, fire protection and other subsystems, through the monitoring system to complete the overall management of all systems, simplifying the design and establishment process, reliable UPS power distribution system, from time to time to protect the IT equipment, while configured with a precision cooling system to ensure normal operation of IT equipment, with dynamic loop monitoring The system monitors the working status of the equipment in real time. Base station equipment cabinets are fully sealed and can be used in a variety of harsh indoor environments, without the need to set up a separate room.

What are the advantages of base station equipment cabinet?

(1) Compared with the traditional server room, the base station equipment cabinet structure is simpler, factory pre-verification testing compared to on-site construction construction is more standardized, safe and reliable; fully sealed design to eliminate external air dust and corrosive gases on IT equipment; dynamic loop monitoring system to monitor the infrastructure in a comprehensive manner, timely warning of abnormal conditions, security and worry-free.

(2) More time-saving and labor-saving construction of the site, the modular design of the product allows the site to be installed and delivered within a day, more than 2 times faster than the traditional construction mode.

(3) smaller footprint, a single cabinet covers an area of only 0.6m2 minimum, closed design, strong environmental adaptability, no decoration, flooring and other supporting works, effectively reducing the cost of building the station, fully enclosed refrigeration to enhance the energy efficiency of the whole machine, so that the total cost of ownership significantly reduced.

(4) better management, one-stop after-sales service can deal with all kinds of equipment failure problems in a timely manner, saving time and effort; standard with dynamic loop monitoring system, local, remote monitoring and management, more multi-network access to the upper management platform unified supervision, diversified options to support.

(5) Integrated and integrated design, integrated cabinet integration of UPS power supply, power distribution, refrigeration, access control, cabinets, lighting, fire, dynamic monitoring, emergency ventilation and many other systems, through the monitoring system to achieve integrated management of all subsystems to create an integrated product, simplify the design, procurement and construction process.

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