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In-Line Horizontal Fiber Optic Splice Closure

The product is suitable for indoor and outdoor optical cable overhead, wall, building and other straight-through splicing, divergence splicing, fiber optic splitting, etc., using full silicone rubber mechanical sealing and can be quickly and repeatedly opened, optional mini optical splitter, box type optical splitter and insert type optical splitter, screw-free box sealing structure, open the cover and sealing operation is simple and fast, convenient construction operation; mainly used in urban areas, towns and villages fiber optic broadband project network It is an ideal optical splitter and fiber splice box.

Application Scenario

Outdoor overhead, wall-mounted and other installations, suitable for use at the end of the fiber optic broadband network access network.

Structure picture

Performance characteristics

1、The shell is produced by injection molding process of high-quality engineering plastics, with anti-UV and anti-aging additives, high mechanical strength;

2、The box body adopts double-ended optical cable in and out design structure, convenient overhead hanging rod and other openable structure, screw-free box sealing design, quick and easy to repeat opening, no need to replace sealing materials; very convenient for maintenance inspection and other operations;

3、 the box is designed with 16 SC / UPC into the end of the port, both sides of the box out of the user leather cable, reserved for the installation of differential or inserted optical splitter.

Technical parameters or parameters table

1、Adapted to the ambient temperature: -40℃~+65℃.

2、Atmospheric pressure: 70~106Kpa.

3、voltage strength: 15KV (DC), 1min, no flying arc, no breakdown after the test;

4、Insulation resistance: >2*104 MΩ.

5、the maximum capacity of fiber optic fusion splicing: 48 cores;

6、the maximum number of fiber into the end: 16 cores, the maximum can be installed splitter: 1 * 16;

7、fiber radius of curvature > 30mm, fiber fusion tray additional attenuation ≤ 0.01dB.

Commonly used tools for construction

cross cutter, tape measure.


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