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Medium wall thickness heat shrinkable round tube series

Shrinkable Round Tube

Medium wall heat shrinkable round tube is produced from cross-linked polyethylene material through melt extrusion, irradiation, expansion, glue coating and other processing, with excellent insulation, high strength, strong resistance to environmental corrosion, radiation resistance, aging resistance, etc., high shrinkage times ratio, a wide range of applicable scenes.

Application Scenarios

1、Mainly used in the insulation protection of terminals or intermediate joints of medium and low-voltage power cables, insulation protection of various busbars;

2, communication cable joint protection and optical cable joint box sealing protection.

Performance Features

1、Starting shrinkage temperature: ≥ +70℃

2、Complete shrinkage temperature: ≥ +125℃

3、Use temperature: -45℃~+110℃

4、UV resistance, wear-resistant

5、Environmental standards: RoHS

6、Heat shrinkage ratio: >3:1

7、Standard color: black (other colors can be customized)

Technical parameters

Performance Indicators Test Methods

Tensile strength ≥ 12 Mpa ASTM D 2671

Elongation at break ≥300% ASTM D 2671

Strength after aging ≥ 8.4 Mpa 158℃×168h

Elongation at break after aging ≥200% 158℃×168h

Axial variation rate -8%~+8% ASTM D 2671

Breakdown strength ≥20kV/mm IEC 60243

Volume resistivity ≥1014 Ω-cm IEC 60093

Mmonly used tools for construction

tape measure, flame gun or hot air gun.

Parameters table


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