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All-in-one fusion tray

Sheet Metal

Integrated fusion tray, also known as fiber optic fusion distribution tray, fusion distribution integrated tray, widely used in fiber optic distribution frame, cable transfer box, can complete the fusion of optical fiber, adapter installation and a small amount of pigtail shelter.

Product Benefits

(1) With 12 cores as a unit, pigtails and fiber bundles have their own coiled wire channels and are managed in layers to effectively protect the fiber from damage.

(2) Three layers structure, the lower layer is the wiring tray, the middle is the fusion tray, the top is the cover, fusion, wiring integration, easy to operate.

(3) The adapter is at a 30° oblique angle to the front of the splicing unit, which ensures the bending radius of curvature of the jumping fiber and avoids laser burns to the human eye.

(4) A variety of fusion and wiring labels, convenient to do fusion and wiring records.

(5) Modular design, the fusion fiber tray integrates fiber optic fusion splicing, tray storage and wiring, and each integrated fusion fiber tray can be withdrawn individually to meet the off-rack or on-rack operation.

(6) Available for FC, SC and LC adapters and ribbon and bundle fiber.

Product structure schematic

Product Type

Product use

fusion splicing, wiring, pigtail shelter

The all-in-one fusion tray enables fusion splicing of optical fibers, installation of adapters and a small amount of pigtail intake.

Product application tools

Fiber melting machine, OTDR tester, pen red light source, wire stripping pliers, power meter, anhydrous ethanol, fiber cutting knife, optical power meter.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to choose the product adapter type-FC or SC?

Choose according to the type of adapters used with other matching equipment in the cabinet or rack.

How can I tell whether to use a ribbon fiber or a bundle fiber?

According to the fiber optic cable used to choose, ribbon fiber optic cable then choose ribbon pigtail, bundle fiber optic cable choose bundle pigtail.

How can I tell if I need to use the left or right disc on site?

According to the site cabinet / rack pigtail channel in the left side of the fusion fiber tray then use the left tray, in the right side of the fusion fiber tray then use the right tray.

What is the difference between the left and right trays of the fusion fiber tray?

When a person faces the fusion tray, the adapter facing the left hand side of the person is the left tray, and the adapter facing the right hand side of the person is the right tray.


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