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Network Cabinet

Sheet Metal

Network cabinet, widely used in the installation and placement of ETIS standard equipment and 19″, 21″ standard equipment for system integration, to provide reliable installation, support, power supply, ventilation device for system equipment, and effective protection for system equipment.

Network cabinet is a comprehensive equipment to complete the connection between external cable and program-controlled switch, between digital multiplexing equipment and digital multiplexing equipment, and between external fiber optic cable and optical communication equipment, which is suitable for the integration of engineering control systems in various industries such as computer, data, information, electronics, finance, electric power and electrical.

Product Benefits

Compatibility: Support all 19″, 21″ standard equipment installation

Heat dissipation performance: high-density mesh door, ventilation rate of 80%

Stable structural design: static load 1800kg

Scalability: Standard with side-by-side cabinet assembly, supports side-by-side installation of cabinets with and without side-by-side panels

High availability: Vertical mounting casters can be dynamically adjusted to meet different installation depths of equipment

Excellent ventilation: integrated ventilation system, professional airflow organization design

Convenient access to and from the cable: cable management dedicated channel, you can choose any way into the cable

Air inlet mode can be selected: the upper air inlet, lower air inlet and forward air inlet three ways

Grounding protection design:Multi-point grounding set inside the cabinet Removable: Quickly removable front, back and side door design.

Product Type

Product use

(1) generally used in network wiring rooms, floor wiring rooms, central server rooms, data rooms, control centers, monitoring rooms, monitoring centers, etc.;

(2) can greatly enhance the overall aesthetic degree of the server room. Take the 19-inch specification cabinet as an example, the 19-inch design can accommodate a large number of network equipment, which can simplify the layout of the server room and improve the overall aesthetic level of the server room;

(3) can effectively protect the safety and stability of the equipment. The equipment will emit a lot of heat when working, the cooling fan of the network cabinet can send the heat emitted by the equipment out of the cabinet to ensure the safe and stable operation of the equipment.

Product application tools

open-end wrenches, openers

This product is mainly equipped with a variety of network equipment, the process of installation can be used in the Qizi, wrench.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a network cabinet and a server cabinet?

Usually, the depth of the network cabinet is less than or equal to 800 mm, while the depth of the server cabinet is greater than or equal to 800 mm.

Secondly, server cabinets are generally used to install equipment such as servers, monitors or UPS to provide a good working environment for electronic equipment. And network cabinets are mainly used to install routers, switches, fiber optic wiring boxes, fiber optic adapters and other equipment.

Can I replace the network cabinet with a wooden shelf?

No. The role of network cabinets is to place network equipment, from this function, ordinary wooden shelves can also play the same role, but the difference is that the network cabinet design is more reasonable, more scientific, is designed specifically for the storage of network equipment and design, some also have enhanced electromagnetic shielding, reduce the work of noise and other functions, ordinary shelves can not play such a role.

How is the network cabinet wired?

Network cabinet cabling can be used together with cable management frames or wiring closets; network cabinets are used to install switches and other equipment, and the number of cables in network cabinets will be quite large due to the large space of network cabinets and the installation of more equipment, taking into account the vertical and horizontal cable fixing, network cabinet cabling can be used together with vertical cable management frames and horizontal cable management frames. If it is used in 40G/100G network environment, it can be used with ultra-high density fiber optic distribution box. In addition, in order to facilitate the cable management in the network cabinet, we can use cable ties to bundle the cable categories for fixing.

How to maintain the network cabinet?

Avoiding light, dust, pressure control in the cabinet, space control can extend the life of the network cabinet.


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