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Pressure-resistant fixtures (hardware fittings)

Sheet Metal

Self-supporting fiber optic cable pressure fixed device, also known as self-supporting cable fixture, is our company's independent research and development of fiber optic cable overhead construction, it is often used in the construction of the end of rural fiber optic cable lines, due to the overhead laying of fiber optic cable construction environment across the country is different and complex, so our company gives a complete set of end of the cable construction program, which contains a variety of models of fiber optic cable fixture, self-supporting cable fixture helps the construction side to shorten the construction period The self-supporting cable fittings can help builders shorten the construction period and save the total project investment.

Self-supporting cable fittings are suitable for fixing non-metallic self-supporting fiber optic cables on fiber optic cable poles or shared power poles. It adopts full mechanical reinforcement connection and repeatable loading and unloading method, with simple structure, convenient operation, shorten the construction period and other characteristics. It is a reliable choice of fixing device for fiber optic cable network pole construction.

Self-supporting cable fittings are suitable for non-metallic self-supporting center bundle tube outdoor fiber optic cable, the product model is GYFXTC8F.

Product Benefits

(1) The hoop and steel arm are made of Q235A flat steel covered with anti-corrosion and high-voltage insulating heat-shrinkable material, withstanding voltage up to 10KV, no flying arc, no breakdown; meet all the power poles and communication poles.

(2) Fiber optic cable clamps are injection molded with special plastic with anti-aging agent and anti-UV radiation material, with high anti-aging and anti-UV capability and long service life;

(3) So the connection fasteners are made of 304 stainless steel, less types, single tool, easy to operate and maintain.

(4) The universal steering is made of cast steel parts with chrome-plated surface and axial tension greater than 1000 N. The radial angle of the steering meets 360 degrees and the axial turning angle is 20sh2 degrees.

(5) Easy to install and can be operated without special construction training.

(6) Steel arm and hoop pressure-resistant layer at 90 degrees temperature, hot melt adhesive does not flow, drip and other phenomena. The peeling strength of steel arm and hoop pressure resistant layer to steel is more than 10ON/2.5cm.

(7) Corrosion resistant. All fasteners by salt spray test 72H, no rust, rust spots and other phenomena on the surface.

(8) Fiber optic splint axial pulling force - fiber optic splint fastening fiber optic cable, the axial pulling force is greater than 1000N.

(9) High dielectric strength. The dielectric strength of the pressure-resistant layer (insulation layer) is greater than 35KV/mm.

(10) The volume resistivity of the pressure-resistant layer (insulation layer) is large. (Insulation layer) volume resistivity greater than 1013 Ω-M; surface pressure-resistant layer thickness of not less than 3mm.

(11) The product has a simple structure, small load on the load-bearing pole road, high structural strength, and strong rust-proof ability of the fixture, which is suitable for early own pole road.

(12) When sharing the rural pole road of the weak power operator, there is no need to hang the steel strand hanging wire and add non-insulated fixtures on the pole road for quick completion, which not only shortens the construction period but also reduces the investment cost.

(13) The insulated gold is strong against rust and corrosion, high insulation, suitable for all kinds of specifications of poles and roads, no need for steel stranded wire suspension, simple operation, reliable strength, meeting the rural construction environment under complex conditions, short construction period and low total investment cost.

Technical parameters

(1) Altitude:H<3000m

(2) Maximum wind speed:40m/s (15-year average maximum at a height of 8m above ground)

(3) Maximum ambient temperature:70℃

(4) Minimum ambient temperature:-40℃

(5) Maximum monthly average relative humidity:95%

(6) Maximum daily temperature difference: 40℃

(7) Solarity: 0.1w/cm2 (wind speed is 0.5m/s) 8、Thunderstorm days:220 days/year.

Product Type

(01) 135 degree insulation and pressure-resisting fixture

mainly used for 90-150 degree line corners on the pole, the fixture clamps and steel arms are fully insulated and plastic-coated, so they can be used not only on traditional communication poles, oil and wood poles, but also on power poles. The hoop and steel arm adopt full hard connection, which can effectively and firmly support the erection of the line, the two ends of the universal cable clamps, can freely adjust the direction of the optical cable in and out, the middle stainless steel hooks, can store the tray stay optical cable, can also be used as a position guide to support the optical cable.

(02) 180 degree insulation and pressure fixing device

180 degree fixture and 90 degree fixture principle function and 135 degree is the same, but the steel arm of the fixture a no angle, a 90 degree angle, 180 degree in the universal cable fixture can be achieved with a small angle cable turning transition, the specific data: 180 ° ± 20 °. 90 degree fixture can be made to achieve a smaller angle cable turning.

(03) 90 degree insulation pressure fixing device

(04) Lead down the steel arm insulation voltage fixing device

It is a matching component in the new line program, can not be used alone; it is generally used in conjunction with the fixture with hoop hooks, such as 135 degrees, 180 degrees, 90 degrees, etc.

(05) Single / double hanging insulation voltage fixing device

double hanging wire fixture is similar to the traditional iron accessories double hanging wire hoop, in our company's solutions are mainly used in straight lines, short distance pole line, hoop outer layer also do insulation anti-corrosion treatment, hoop each end is equipped with a cable universal fixture, can be bi-directional overhead fiber optic cable, the product is small, simple, easy to transport and carry.

Double hanging self-supporting fixture

Single hanging self-supporting fixture

(06) Box holding bar pressure resistant fixing device

(07) Pulling wire insulation voltage fixing device

Pulling wire fixture is a universal soft hanging fixture for all poles, no matter with or without corner, it is composed of insulation hoop, flexible steel rope ring and pulling wire fixture, the product itself is lighter and more portable than several other pole insulation fixtures.

(08) Line fixing device clips

composed of multiple line clips stacked on top of each other, the product itself does not support the fiber optic cable, does not bear the tension of the fiber optic cable, but only a wall cable management, control the overall wiring aesthetics of the product, similar to the traditional wiring method of U-clip. Two line clips are composed of two half-pieces, one side of a cable hole, can simultaneously manage two fiber optic cables, triplex is composed of three half-pieces, can manage four fiber optic cables, and so on.

(09) Over-the-wall pressure-resistant fixture

It is composed of wall bracket, flexible steel rope ring and cable pulling fixture, its main role is to use when the wall transition, due to the wall laying of fiber optic cable throughout the line fixed device to manage the line, and the line fixed device itself does not bear the cable pull, so the introduction of over-the-wall fixture, in the introduction of fiber optic cable led out of the wall to ensure that there is sufficient support to support the cable, along the wall large Angle corner can also be used to protect the cable from damage by the wall corner.

(10) edge cable pulling fixing device


8F钢带抱箍尺寸( 单位为毫米 )

(11) Fiber optic splint

self-supporting fiber optic cable fixture using fiber optic splint can be optional, there are single slot and double slot two types, as the name implies, single slot can only be fixed 1 "8" fiber optic cable, double slot can be fixed 2, splint installation can be through the ball or direct installation, ball transition installation can achieve free steering, direct installation The direct installation can not, such as lead down steel arm fixture.

Single-slot plywood Double-slot plywood

Product Use

Self-supporting fiber optic cable fitting is mainly used for laying fiber optic cable, a fixed device, suitable for rural broadband network; suitable for all kinds of shared power poles, wooden poles to set up fiber optic cable; product structure is simple, easy to use, is a reliable choice for network construction of a fixed device.

Product Application Tools

Fiber optic fusion machine, movable wrench, hexagonal wrench, knife, tape measure, vise, loose sleeve stripping pliers, optical cable stripping pliers, optical power meter, level meter, impact drill, ladder, threader, hand pull hoist, scissors, foot buckle, safety belt, insulated gloves, safety helmet, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the self-supporting fiber optic cable fitting applicable to all fiber optic cables, or some, please list?

Self-supporting cable fittings are suitable for non-metallic self-supporting center bundle tube type outdoor fiber optic cable, the product model is GYFXTC8F.

What are the advantages of self-supporting fiber optic cable fittings and ordinary fiber optic cable construction?

With full mechanical reinforcement connection and repeatable loading and unloading method, it has the advantages of simple structure, easy operation, shortening construction period and less investment, etc. The main force arm of the fixture and the outer surface of the fiber optic cable clamping parts are insulated and pressure resistant, which has a safer insulation and pressure resistance effect.

What scenarios are self-supporting fiber optic cable fittings applicable to?

Suitable for rural broadband network fiber optic cable end overhead construction; suitable for all kinds of power poles, wooden poles, walls, etc. laying fiber optic cable scenarios, especially suitable for the use of existing non-fiber optic cable pole scenarios; products have a variety of angle models to choose from, fiber optic cable clevis design for universal joints can be applied to a variety of turns and uneven cable alignment scenarios.


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